Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

New Friend New Class

This Is Me
   Hello , it’s Me. I want to introdunce myself. I am Muhammad Nafis. I live in  Bandung. I live with my parents. There are 6 persons in My Family.There are is me , my mom , my father , and my three brothers .I am 15th years old  and I was born in Bandung on 14 Juli 2002.
   I want to Centeh Kindergarten ,Then Soka Elementary School , and then 4 Junior High School Bandung , then 3 Senior High School . My experience is elementary school champion 1st Sepak Takraw in the City Bandung , then my experience in Junior High School is champion 3rd Sepak Takraw in West Java. 
   Life I am very happy because I have a friend to much, and good to me. I also have a hobby that is exercising like running , sepak takarw , futsal , and badminton . Besides my hobby exercising I also hobby reading novel. The novels I have read are Dear Nathan , Revan & Reina , Raja & Ratu , and more.
   I am a sepak takraw athlete Bandung . I played takraw since the 4th grade elementary school and won the O2SN , then the next year I won O2SN for the second time.